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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Let's Rumble ... & Solve our Issues !!!

  •                 I'm Back !!!
                                            Seaking Your Support !!!
          Mitt, concerned, Barack Tweeted me yesterday !!!
                                 Haven't  received any from you ???
       I appologise for not travelling to view you, my vehicle broke down, because it unsafe I recycled the vehicle , went out to Dinner at ninety Nine resteraunt.  Had a good steak... 
    However, because I was blogging, decided not to purchase another vehicle , seamed as if it would monetize Soon,    boy was I wrong...  Oh that ok cause I'm a Google Publisher   ,       they will Take care of that, they just want me to keep blogging , creating traffic etc .                     Heads or Tales  what.. Tales's heads,  I win !!!     SH SH SH  Quiet Jay , Conan..., its Saturday Night Live !!!
    You said Ten Thousand Dollars Right !!!   I'll buy a car with that     , actually ,  need More !!!  What ...
    Sorry Mitt, with Taxes  , plates ... state Taxes ... usage Tax , Fuel ...  &  I would like ...  Quiet... sh '( Clint ... )
    Iam Talking Too Mitt ...     Hi Oprah,  what vehicle are You Giving Away Today ???   I'll be right with You Mitt ....  Iam speaken with Oporah ...   Iam Frustrated Too ! ! !
    Well Mitt , Iam happy to hear the debate went Well for Both contender's . 
                   Okay    Mitt  &  Barack ,  Let's Rumble ....
                                                                    Put your Gloves on  & Lets See Who can Box Better ...
                     Who you Betting on Jay ???  That's Mr. Jay Leno To You...   
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